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Info London and Bulgarian Embassy

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Info London and Bulgarian Embassy

Мнениеот pavelpetkov_bg » 27 Авг 2011, 15:32

To add information to London and then I was connected with the Bulgarian Embassy, ​​located at; 186-188 Queen's Gate London, and how this helped me to my instances.

Since I suffered in London, I want to express how much I helped Bulgarian Embassy to which I turned for assistance in instances with me in London ...
For instances that happened to me I met the consulate and ask me to find a lawyer because I can not authorize a lawyer and because I believe that human rights are violated, I also request and sent to Strasbourg leaflet describing instances of their to the European Court of Human Rights.
I am a former graduate of Bulgaria ..
In this regard, and requests me here as to intervene Bulgarian Embassy, ​​which unfortunately refused to help me.

For more information about this please visit the website ;

http://blog.yuku.com/topic/7/master/1/ ; http://blog.yuku.com/topic/6

Or go to google and write INFO LONDON PAVEL PETKOV
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