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This CASE who expounded as I turned to another police district which is located at Charing Cross Police Station, Agar Street WC2N 4JP on the spot was Gypsy jackanapes who threatens me who actually attacked another Bulgarian and sent him to hospital and I called in the police and they saw them having previously met with instances I with him and his police nothing make.

I write about more instances with me and how I helped the police in London ...

In London there is a Bulgarian Gypsy which is detected and often bothers me, bothers me and wants to look in my bag and I gave him my bottle to drink on top and threatens me that I will fight this case and I I turned to the Police Station which is located at Southwark Police Station 323 Borough High Street London, SE1 1JL and police this area ignored me and told me that they had to call the moment Gypsy goes to attack me. I told the policeman in the area for this gypsy who places a walk and still refuses policeman to help me, although I insisted.
Police officers in the area who complained said he did not have time to search such as gypsy and that this expenditure is spent . And I said to the policeman how I find time to stop and check me for drugs and those types of Gypsies and Arabs can not catch them, so that you are incompetent policemen ask me. I mentioned to police that Gypsy is pusinil eye of another Bulgarian and everything that happens to me, but to no avail.
I wonder if the Englishman complained that he threatened that he will pay attention?
If I fight to defend me in jail no matter whether I am guilty or innocent, so I turned to the police, the police is not doing its job as it should. A different CASE turned to police being called and tried to explain in English what I see on the street and that Arabs and gypsies lurking and pester, beg and chase and look to attack and I wanted to submit signal and another policeman who to turn to this nurse, says that we must come to Rhino to explain and I wanted them to know and to follow such as these types of legal problems
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