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Tax Law - good field or not?

МнениеПубликувано на: 16 Фев 2019, 07:57
от usherbhai
Hello everyone,,
I'm a CPA in public accounting interested in pursuing a law degree to specialize in tax law, but a friend in law school recently told me his professors are telling him to stay away from the tax path because "robots" will automate the profession. As a CPA who has spent most of his career doing tax work, I don't see that happening unless the internal revenue code gets a major and reductive overhaul, but it could still happen and is worth considering.

So lawyers and law students of reddit, is what my friend heard true? Should I run far away from a career in tax law?

Edit: a quick google search asking these questions turned up a resounding "tax law is a great career choice", but some of the articles are a couple years old so I'd love some more current feedback