Valentina Ivanova,attorney at law
Law House "Ivanova, Minchev & Partners"

София, ул."Червена роза" №38–40, floor 2,;
Partnership and Collaboration
Business activity
General terms

Business activity

High skilled professional legal defence of the rights&interests of bulgarian and foreighn citizens and companies.
Registration and legalization of companies.
Representation and defence before public agencies and court
Including activity :
- incorporation, registration, mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, divisions, structuring and winding-up of companies and enterprises;
- preparation and implementation of transactions involving property and rights management;
- participation in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings; - drafting and recordation of collateral and guarantees under business contracts, mortgages and special pledges;
- preparation and servicing of notarial transactions and certifications;
- drafting of civil and commercial contracts;
- preparation of due diligence reports, participation in negotiations, preparation and conclusion of privatisation deals and legal assistance in their implementation;
- legal assistance and defence in the preparation and conduct of lawsuits and arbitration cases

Practice over 20 years.

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