Centre for European Initiatives
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Business activity

The Centre for European Initiatives is a foundation established on 29th January 2005 by Mrs. Krasimira Kamenova an expert in law and international financing programs.
Our priority areas:
- Youth activities
- Knowledge and defense of human rights
- Citizen participation
- Development of culture
- Local government and sustainable development
- Integration of marginalized groups
- Gender equality

How can we be useful?
- We organize training courses and seminars on topics, defined by you
- We consult the development and implementation of your projects
- We provide information about financing programs
- We assist you in finding partners for your initiatives
- We facilitate your public events

Contacts information
71 Zahari Knjajeski str., office 8
6000 Stara Zagora
Tel./fax: +359 42 919 415
Mob. +359 887 094 124
e-mail: eurocentresz@gmail.com
skype: krasi-cei

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